At PRIMECAP, intellectual curiosity and diversity of thought are the cornerstone of our investment philosophy. Our founders believed that outperformance derives from holding differentiated points of view. Since 1983, the firm has strived to hire independent thinkers with contrasting perspectives, unconventional backgrounds, and varied experience, and to foster an environment that encourages the open exchange and rigorous debate of ideas in its pursuit of superior analysis and long-term returns. Intellectual diversity continues to form the foundation of who we are and what we do.


As investors, we look for unrecognized value and long-term potential in all sectors of the market. The same principles apply to our employees. We strive to identify uniquely talented candidates from a variety of backgrounds and ensure they feel valued, intellectually stimulated, and supported. In pursuit of this objective, PRIMECAP is committed to hiring, cultivating, and retaining a diverse pool of employees across multiple dimensions of identity, including proactive targeted recruitment for members of under-represented groups.